Evolutions Over Revolutions.


Not all revolutions are good. In fact, most often when you read through history you find murderous regimes rising from the ashes of wars waged by insurrections inspired by the thought that someones ideology was right.

However, there seem to be no signs in history of chaos, disorder and revolt in systems that have evolved. As it is the nature of things to optimize themselves over time or face the dissolution of extinction. That some amoeba grew to have legs and opposable thumbs was the necessary order to come of our species as it evolved through environments.

Obstacles in the way of reproduction, or natural prosperity became cornerstones of the necessity of evolutions. And it was and is only by great cataclysmic misfortune and fortune that some survive and others do not.

In the meandering moments of peace between the chaos, species adapted and evolved to the challenges of their environments. Those that evolved survived.

So what is it to look at any system and not think it necessary and within order and reason that a system might adapt and evolve outside of what is natural.

In inorganic systems we too find evolutions, iterations and adaptations of systems to address the changing technologies, threats, situations and more. Computers having security updates to ensure the safety of the system against corruption and malicious intents that seem to ever evolve new ways of manipulating the world to favor.

In all instances we find that systems evolved are systems that last and are assured to find success. In systems that revolt we find demise, bloodshed and devolutions.

Or, that which organically grows prospers over that which abruptly ends.

Democracy is a system. A system evolved of the chaos of man to bring order and voice to all, addressing the needs of humanities evolution...

A system that has had it's periods and points of evolution but has since come to find a great evolution necessary in order for that system to survive its environment. Organic in growth, it is time we use the tools of technology to address our system of governance.

In order to create a more perfect society, that we all to evolve our system of governance, or what we may call the subsystem. It is time we use the tools of technology to liberate the masses from isolation and ignorance. From consumers to contributors. From the silent to the heard.

It is time we address the needs of the people and planet by aligning our world to a more perfect union where the peoples voices are heard without the filter of another. Without representatives who soil themselves with money for laws and conditions forced upon an unknowing nation. A time indeed for our system to evolve in order that all may survive and thrive.

We have the power to learn and grow. We have the intelligence to understand and know. We can solve problems without peril, removing our masks and fears. Allowing ourselves to control our destiny and nation by taking direct control and action in the laws and legislation we pass.

Evolutions. Not Revolutions.

Systems that evolve, survive and thrive the tests of time. Systems that revolt are destroyed and decayed.



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