Subverting Us

It's easy to think that anyone shouting about banks and globalization is a little crazy, however there's a deep problem with thinking this, we'd be wrong. The reality of how the people of the planet have been undermined by a small few who seek nothing more than control is absolutely astounding.

Sure, you can have the attitude that you can do nothing, or perhaps you may not even care. You're entitled to live as you wish, but perhaps the way you wish to live is soon to come under threat of those that aren't happy with your happiness but their own. So, I dare you to take the time to become aware of the realities surrounding how banks operate within our governments.

We promise not to throw tinfoil hat conspiracy your way. The ways with which banks have taken control is scary and worth taking even just a few minutes to learn about and understand. With this in mind, Subverting.Us promises to only provide information to shed light upon topics that impact our lives in hidden manners. We promise to go through the garbage to find the gold. We dare you to give a shit, even just a little.

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